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Audio Production

This category is defined as any original audio production that has been edited/produced with digital software. Projects may include speaking, singing, music, sounds effects, and other audio components. Software may include, but are not limited to Audacity, Garage Band, Wavosaur, etc... The project must be displayed on a computer in the program in which it was created. The student should be prepared to demonstrate to judges how the software was used to create the finished project.

You may have up to 2 people on a team. Teams and individuals will compete against each other within each grade grouping.

Judges will use a category rubric as a guideline for exemplary characteristics of projects in this category. Students should use the category rubric as a guide for what judges are looking for. 

Project Judging Levels:
3-4,   5-6,   7-8,   9-10,   11-12