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Project Programming

Projects in this category are self-executing programs created using recognizable programming languages including but not limited to Java, Javascript, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Python, etc. All parts of the program must be the author’s own design. Programs must be identifiable in one of the three following categories:
  • Computer-aided instruction or educational/learning games.
  • Business or commercial applications.
  • Personal applications that, with minor alterations, could be marketed for larger commercial audiences.
You may have up to 2 people on a team but teams and individuals will compete against each other within each grade grouping.

Regardless of the length of the project, the judge time is 15 minutes. Judges may only view a portion of the actual project.

Judges will use a category rubric as a guideline for exemplary characteristics of projects in this category. Students should use the rubric as a guide for what judges are looking for. 

Project Judging Levels:
3-4,   5-6,   7-8,   9-10,   11-12