What awards are given at the Regional Technology Fair?
First place winners will receive a medal and advance to the state level competition. All other participants will receive Regional Tech Fair honorable mention certificates.

With what other projects will my project be compared?
All projects within a category in the same grade grouping will be judged by the same team of judges. For example, the same judges will see ALL 7-8 Digital Photography projects. Therefore, the same judges compare the attributes of every project that is competing in a given category and grade level.

My school is not listed on the registration page. Why not?
Please contact your district coordinator for registration details. Each district handles registration differently. Please email us for a list of district coordinators.

How are the winning projects determined?
Judges will interview each participant for no more than 15 minutes and see the project. The judges use a rubric guide to evaluate and score each project. After completing the judging of all projects in a grade/category, the judges will rank the projects and decide on the winner. Judges decisions are final.

Why don't you provide computers and other equipment?
Students use a variety of software packages for their projects. It would not be feasible for us to load every necessary piece of software required by the students. The students have the best chance for their project to function as expected if they bring their own equipment and/or peripherals.

What do I need to bring to the Tech Fair?
You must provide a computer and any peripherals that you need. Your project needs to be loaded on your computer as an OFFLINE COPY. Internet access is not guaranteed for the students on the day of the fair. You also need to bring your Student Consent Form that will include the written permissions for using ANY materials in your project that you did not produce yourself (photos, artwork, music, video, etc). You will be provided with ONE electrical outlet at your project setup location.

What if I have more questions?
Contact the Northwest Regional Tech Fair Director, Bucky Bush. (tech@nwgaresa.com)