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Judge Training

Judge orientation will begin promptly at 8:00 am. You will have a strict 15 minute window to judge a project. This includes your student interview and wrap-up time. Based on scheduling, you will receive a breaks accordingly. Judging may continue after lunch until all projects have been judged.

How to judge

You and any other judges that you will be working with will receive ALL materials that you will need to complete your judging assignment. You will have information on each project, a rubric guideline sheet for each project on which to keep notes, and a student feedback sheet. ONLY the feedback sheets are to be given to the students. After seeing all projects in a given grade/category group, you and any other judge on your team will choose a winning project according to your interview and project assessment. Judges decisions are FINAL.


As you complete the judging and ranking of a grade/category, you will submit your winning project on the Results Form to the Results Manager. The Results Manager will go over your results with you and any members of your team to check for discrepancies or problems with the results. Once cleared, you will continue on to judge your next grade/category or be checked out upon completion of all judging assignments.

Judging Projects

All projects will be judged by the following (from smallest to largest weight):
  1. Documentation - Did student(s) include citations for sources and permissions for non-student produced materials?
  2. Complete and Functional - Did student(s) complete the entire project? Is it fully functional?
  3. Creativity - Did student(s) use a higher level of creativity throughout the design process and oral presentation?
  4. Understanding - Did student(s) demonstrate a solid understanding of the software for project development?
  5. Intended Purpose - Did all elements of the project work together to serve the intended purpose?
Judge periods are 15 minutes for each team for ALL categories.  To allow time for judges to fill out the Student Feedback form, students should be prepared to explain and demonstrate the highlights of their project in no more than 15 minutes.


You will be given a judging packet and assigned your category and grade level when you check in. We do our best to accommodate category preference based on your registration form. Please see Projects page for a list of categories and corresponding rubric guidelines.

Finish time

Your last judge slot is determined by the number of projects that your judge team will evaluate. Some teams will finish around lunch time and others will have a full schedule, possibly until 2:00, or later in some cases

Go to Categories page to read the descriptions of the categories. Self evaluation rubrics for each category can be used to find strengths and weaknesses of a project. Judges will NOT base final scores solely on these rubrics. They are guidelines only.