District Tech Fair Coordinators

You may fill out this form (Tech Fair District Coordinator). Only 1 registration per district is required. You will receive an email confirmation once your district has been approved.

District participation is required in order for students from that district to participate in the fair. To have your district listed as one of the eligible districts, your district must provide contact information for a District Tech Fair Coordinator. The responsibilities of the Tech Fair Coordinator are as follows:
  • Pass on any email communications to the students at the school(s)
  • Promote Tech Fair within your district
  • Handle payment of the invoice for your school(s) as soon as registration closes
  • Manage student registrations for your district
  • Assist in handling any issues that arise with participants from your district
  • Ensure that each school does not exceed the project submission limits
  • Engage with local businesses to obtain sponsorship opportunities

Volunteer Judge Requirements based on the number of projects:
  • 1 - 4 projects (1 judge)
  • 5 - 11 projects (2 judges)
  • 12 - 24 projects (3 judges)
  • If your district has 25+ projects, please contact the Regional Director at tech@nwgaresa.com for instructions.